August 2, 2017

The Importance of Logos in Business

What’s in a Logo?

The use of logos in the business world is a crucial and occasionally overlooked part of the marketing process. Without a proper logo, a company is missing a vital piece of the marketing puzzle. A logo is essentially the “face” of a company. A company logo is usually the first part of a company that a customer sees.   If it does not properly represent the company, a potential customer may not be able to create a “connection”. This may drive the customer away, resulting in a loss of business. Logo design can be a tricky process and should be handled by a professional.

When analyzing your company’s logo, there are many things to keep in mind. The way a logo is designed can portray many different emotions, values, and even company personality. The use of color, lines, and typography play a large part in the design process.

Color can influence customer emotion.
Lines help draw the eye to areas within a logo and can be used strategically within a design. Typography establishes a “voice” and “tone” for a company and can be a big challenge for some.

These elements, and other design principles come together to create an overall look and feel of a logo.

When analyzing logo design, it is important to take longevity into account. Many companies struggle with outdated logos. It is important to keep your logo up-to-date with modern design trends. Consider some of the big players in the business world. Companies such as Google, Netflix, and Pepsi are known to keep their logos updated regularly. Instagram has recently jumped “on-board” with this idea and is now working with a modern logo that matches its target market. Customers are drawn to companies that keep their logos modern and current.

Logos and Small Business

Many small businesses have poorly designed logos.  Most small businesses don’t have an in-house designer or full-time marketing team, so they don’t realize the importance of getting professional assistance. Often, someone with no design experience creates a logo (sometimes using Word Art or Clip Art).

In addition, small businesses often lack variations of their logos. It is important to have different demonstrations and variants of a logo to use on varying media including web, print marketing pieces, clothing, and letterhead. Professional assistance is the key to solving these problems.

Encore Web Works offers professional logo design and logo re-design services. If your company needs a new logo or a “refreshed” logo, we can help.  Professional expertise is vital when designing a logo that properly represents your unique business.

- Guest post by Weston Mooneyham